About Us

MainElectronic.com is a website focused on the electronics industry. It has a simple goal–enable YOU to make informed ‘business’ decisions. It’s a platform of trending visual content for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Every day, our team of business journalists scans through leading dailies, weeklies, monthlies, and websites, to ensure you get all important updates without having to do all the browsing and research at your end.


Our Mission

MainElectronic was created with a mission to:

  1. Create, share and publish the best digital marketing insights, tips, and guides in the world
  2. Find and showcase articles from the newest or most established writers
  3. Express our love for technology, entrepreneurship, and design
  4. Monitor search and social media trends

Given the goal of MainElectronic.com, our content aims to help you make decisions related to electronics, such as Purchase, Sell, Trade, or Investments. We also try and update you on the latest government policies that may impact your business–positively or negatively. Plus, we take inputs from industry and trade associations and provide them as feedback.

Nutshell, for those who head a business, those who are into sales & marketing, those into a purchase, those into influencing or regulating policy, or those into investments–as long as your work relates to the electronics industry of USA–Electronicster.com is a valuable resource for you.

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